HAX Progress Blog!!!

Hey guys this is HAX and down below is a video/blog of us Hope Andrea and Xochitl talking about our progress with Austin Prenatal Yoga. Please excuse any of our mistakes! Thank You!!! Video Update!!

H.A.X. Prenatal Yoga!-Xochitl. 

Hello, my name is Xochitl my team(HAX) and I are working with Austin Prenatal Yoga. Austin Prenatal Yoga helps pregnant women incorporate healthy habits especifically yoga into their lives. Not only does it inform soon to be mothers on their birth but it also helps them prepare for the big day! We are helping the founder... Continue Reading →

9 Months- Xochitl D.

What happens between conception and birth? How does your knowledge or pregnancy change your perspective on birth, labor, and delivery? Pregnancy, nine long joyful and painful months. During pregnancy a women undergoes many changes in her body due to the growing fetus. Starting from the  First Trimester (Week 1-12) and ending with the Third Trimester... Continue Reading →

Maternal Mortality-Xochitl D.

Puerperal infection also known as Childbed fever is a bacterial infection in a female's reproductive system. Signs of the infection include a fever, abdominal pain, and chills. Get Me Out explains that in the early 1800’s this was a constant threat to woman in labor. It could go either way for pregnant women, surviving the illness or... Continue Reading →

Get me into “Get me out!”-Xochitl D.

Hello I'm Xochitl, I am currently in the 9th grade going into 10th grade.  I'm in Bimoed and so far I really enjoy this class. Biomed is a very challenging class but at the same time it's very interesting. Throughout the school year I have learned that there are plenty more job opportunities in the... Continue Reading →

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