The Sleeping Beauties Are Up To Something -Jennifer D.A

What have The Sleeping Beauties been up to, you may ask. Well recently we have been creating a survey so that we can collect information that will benefit us and lead us a step closer to finding out our solution. We plan to send out a survey to the Austin Prenatal Yoga organization with the permission of the instructor. Once we get information back we plan to collect all the information given to us and take it as consideration in how we can help them specifically. This process is taking a long time but we hope that once we have information we can move a little bit more faster with this.
Furthermore my partner Natalia V. and me plan to ask the teachers in our school that had had children recently and their experience with their pregnancy and if they ever have experienced postnatal insomnia. We plan to get tips from them and hopefully used them for the mothers out there in the community and help them with this situation.

Picture taken by me

We have researched so many things about what can cause mothers to go through the phase of postnatal insomnia. We have read articles that informed us that mothers can’t sleep due to the fact that when they put their babies to sleep they think they are awake but they are actually asleep but there brains are not letting them realize that which is causing them not to get good enough sleep and leading them to depression and have mood swings and so on.
We want to help mothers and help them find a way to solve this situation with postnatal insomnia even though it will take time. My partner and me are so close to finding what exactly our solution is going to be and hope we can find something really good to solve it and move quicker to making this actually happen and be successful. 
So far my partner and me have the idea of having meditation class to help mothers feel comfortable and stress free to help them physically and mentally and can take their experience and do them throughout the day or at night at home and see if there’s a change. But like said it’s not our solution but an idea we have been working on and hoping to see if it can be something that can be done.

Anyways we have a long way to go and hope y’all stay tuned to see where The Sleeping Beauties will take you next.

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