Metachicks Progress- Doron

The Metachicks are on a roll! So far Kayla, Litzy, and I have identified our problem, contacted many local officials, and decided what we will be doing to help solve our problem. Our problem relates to the topic of perinatal mental health. We decided that we must help educate people of Texas ( Especially lawmakers ) in order for mothers to receive more representation and more funding for their treatments and diagnosis. Our partner organization invited us to come to the Mothers Mental Health Conference in April to display our art piece that we will create to represent perinatal mental health. We chose the idea of making a quilt similar to the aids quilt but instead of having art pieces as the squares we will have pieces of cloth, each color representing a different way that perinatal mental health has effected the specific conference goer. Once the participant has chosen the color of cloth that is relevant to them, they will write a short story about their experiences with perinatal mental health. Our 4 colors will represent 1. Been personally effected by perinatal mental health disorders 2. Has seen a family or friend who has had a perinatal mental health disorders 3. Is a health care provider and has treated someone with perinatal mental health disorders 4. Advocate for perinatal mental health disorders. These 4 categories will hopefully be broad enough that everyone in the conference can identify with one.

Our progress with our Solution

So far we have brainstormed the most effective way to execute our ideas. Down to types of fabric and the types of markers we will be using to the size that we want our quilt and we haven’t had the best communication with our partner organization so we have had to estimate  on many numbers. My teammates are very bright and fluid so when we face a problem they don’t dwell on it, we just fix it and keep going and I believe that’s why our ideas were able to contribute to develop into what we have now. I am also very proud to announce that we have spoken with some people from the capital who have helped us figure out hwo to set up a meeting with our senator and they have agreed to present our art piece in the capital for a couple of days! This is truly so exciting that we can make a difference to such an important cause , to help the women that brought us into this world and who have raised us to be who we are. It’s our turn to take care of them. Thank you for reading!

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  1. Doron,
    We are working with the same partner organization so I think that your solution is very unique and interactive. I like how each color will be representing different aspects of peoples personal experience with perinatal mental health Also congratulations on being able to present your work piece at the capital that’s a great accomplishment and I think it will have a great impact on the problem you and your group are trying to solve being perinatal mental health. I like your blog post so much because it shows the enthusiasm and positivity you are keeping throughout the project. I can’t wait to find out how the rest of your project turns out and keep up the great job!
    -Vanessa M.

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