The Sleeping Beauty Over Sleeps – Natalia V. & Jennifer D.A.

Hello, welcome to our first blog post we are Natalia V. and Jennifer D.A. our team name is The Sleeping Beauties, the meaning behind this team name is how we are trying to promote good sleeping quality for mothers that have postnatal insomnia. We are qualified for this project because as a team we are committed, open minded, and have good cooperation skills into finding a solution for postnatal insomnia.

“PostnatalImage result for postnatal depression insomnia happens when an exhausted mom, one who desperately needs rest, is unable to sleep even though her baby’s sleeping soundly.  Postnatal insomnia has been linked to postpartum depression, but it can also appear on its own, without any noticeable depression symptoms.”

Austin Prenatal Yoga is the organization that we are trying to reach out to. This is the link to the website if you are trying to figure out more information about what you do in a prenatal yoga class, and how it can help you with your pregnancy.  Austin Prenatal Yoga’s mission is to help mothers with their inner strength, cultivate courage, and balance effort with surrender. This prenatal yoga class is to empower mothers by giving them tools and information to know how to cope with pregnancy discomforts and pain. By trying certain movements and different meditation ways to help you feel calm, confident, refreshed, and deeply connected with your baby.

The problem that needs to solve for this organization is how to help mothers that gave birth with their sleeping quality and being able to use mindfulness. There is evidence that postpartum insomnia occurs due to the bad sleeping quality that mothers get after delivery.

We found that women slept fewer hours and less efficiently after delivery when compared to sleep during pregnancy.”

A benefit that will occur to happened if this problem will be solve is that mothers would have more sleep, meaning that postnatal insomnia would be reduced that could have positive outcomes due to the solution.

We are interested in working on solving this problem because this is a common problem that occurs throughout the world and in many mother’s life that needs be solved due to how mothers are not getting enough sleep can cause health problems. Why is this problem important for you to care? People that have not experience this problem should be aware about it is a possibility that this could happen to them due to how common it is and some mothers may not know that this is happening to them. That’s why this problem is important and should be cared for the mother’s health.

Image result for postpartum depression

What can you do to make a change in our world about this situation towards mothers who don’t receive a lot of sleep after having a baby? How do you plan to take action?

2 thoughts on “The Sleeping Beauty Over Sleeps – Natalia V. & Jennifer D.A.

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  1. Hello Jennifer and Natalia!

    I really enjoyed reading your blog post. I think what you are doing for women that are experiencing this, is very important and I’m so glad that it is finally being put into action. I am very excited to see what you come up with for these women and I think what you create will make a difference. Your blog post was very well written and I liked the quotes and links added. I am also glad that you included the practice of mindfulness into the DAP project. I hope you have a successful outcome!

    – Ashwara P.

  2. Hey guys! I really enjoyed reading your blog post because it had detailed information about what the problem was and how you wanted to solve it. I also really liked how you added the definition of the postnatal insomnia because it gave me a more clear vision of the problem. Good job!

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