Giving Beauties their beauty sleep-Natalia V.

Imagine a mother that’s  having problems falling asleep after putting the baby to sleep she still can’t go to sleep she’s trying to get help and she can't find the solution to her bad sleeping quality, What would you do if you were in her situation? Me and my partner took on this challenge to... Continue Reading →

Things that could change lives-Jennifer D.A. & Natalia V.

Welcome to our second blog post by Jennifer D.A. and Natalia V. we are the sleeping beauties. We are trying to help mothers who gave birth with their sleeping quality and being able to use mindfulness. Mothers are having trouble sleeping, which is leading them to feel stressed, depressed, and tired. We picture our vision... Continue Reading →

Before giving birth-Natalia V.

In between conception and birth the mother goes through changes and challenges as well for the baby, that is not talked about too much. The fetal developments are the trimesters and how the baby changes throughout the nine months. The first trimester starting from day one the baby is not yet identify but as the... Continue Reading →

Creating Life ~ Natalia V.

Hello Welcome to my last blog post!! I am going to be talking about the last chapters I read all about having view of a baby in the womb to parenthood. To start off I want to point out how technology has changed that's made childbirth easy. As I read the chapter "Womb with a... Continue Reading →

Improving to give birth-Natalia V.

Hello welcome to my new blog post, and this time I have a lot to tell about the book . I am going to be talking about C-sections, drugs that influenced women to take during pregnancy, and freebirthers how it all has change my view about on pregnancy. First of all most women want the... Continue Reading →

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