Giving Beauties their beauty sleep-Natalia V.

Imagine a mother that’s  having problems falling asleep after putting the baby to sleep she still can’t go to sleep she’s trying to get help and she can't find the solution to her bad sleeping quality, What would you do if you were in her situation? Me and my partner took on this challenge to... Continue Reading →

The Brainy Bunch takes Yoga!- Ashwara P.

Hello. My name is Ashwara and I am currently working on my cornerstone project with Austin Prenatal Yoga. My partner, Karla and I are creating methods and props for pregnant women to use while doing yoga. When Karla and I were researching ideas for props, we came across 11 different ideas. Of course, we narrowed... Continue Reading →

Yoga and You! -Sara

The Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders has a mission statement that all of the students know by heart and apply to their life. As most know living a healthy and well-balanced life is vital to being happy and successful, so our school participates in a weekly thirty minute session of yoga. Not only... Continue Reading →

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