Nutrition: The Key to Pregnancy -Sophie W and Nishi P

What do protein, iron, calcium, and folic acid all have in common? They are all important nutrients that pregnant women must be consuming more of in order for their fetus to grow and develop into a strong, healthy baby. Nutrition is a very important aspect of pregnancy that is often overlooked. We are here to build awareness among pregnant women on the importance of nutrition.

Hello, we are SOSHI. Our team name is a mash up of both team members’ names: Nishi P. and Sophie W. Currently, we are 10th graders looking for a way to help better nutrition among that of pregnant women. We are both extremely passionate about nutrition and being healthy. Feeding your body healthy foods is a great thing and very rewarding. Both of us enjoy advocating for healthier bodies and minds.

We are working with the Austin Pregnancy Resource Center. The APRC is a non-profit organization that dedicates itself to helping women by providing screenings, giving materials to those in need, and preparing mothers to care and support their unborn baby(s). The APRC currently helps women who have unplanned pregnancies and to those of low-income families. They strive to provide solutions for struggling pregnant women.

The Austin Pregnancy Resource Center

The problem we are aiming to solve is helping women choose the correct, nutritious foods that will benefit their child. Currently, women are unaware of the most nutritional foods that can benefit themselves as well as their unborn child(s).What we are trying to do is increase awareness about the consequences of poor nutrition among pregnant women and help women have proper diets.

The Austin Pregnancy Resource Center currently has no programs set up for nutrition in pregnant women. Most women believe that during pregnancy all you have to do is increase your caloric intake and your baby will be healthy. However that is not the case. According to Health Kids, a mother-to-be should be eating food that is more than just empty calories. If a mother is eating nutritious food, then the nutrients will be passed to her growing baby. A baby will not benefit from unhealthy foods. It’s important for women to know that everything they do or eat directly affects their child.

According to Livestrong, if a mother doesn’t eat the proper amount of calories, or is eating all the wrong foods, it puts your baby at high risk for being premature or even develop birth defects. This is the last thing a mother would want. We believe that the both of us have the ability to help mothers make the right decisions and to do what is best for their baby. 

We are extremely passionate on the topic of nutrition. A proper diet ensures so many great benefits, and we would love to see women with healthy babies. Our goal is to help educate women about their dietary choices and how they can make and maintain them throughout their pregnancy and life after birth. Steps must be taken in order to give children their best chance at life, proper nutrition is key.

A healthy, happy baby

4 thoughts on “Nutrition: The Key to Pregnancy -Sophie W and Nishi P

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  1. Great Blog Post Soshi! I love your name. I really enjoyed reading your blog post because it was jam packed full of facts and common misconceptions about pregnancy which I believed until reading this post. I like how you included what women need during pregnancy in the first paragraph. Good Job Y’all!

  2. Nishi and Sophie, y’all’s blog post was very interesting. I could really see your passion in healthy eating and living a healthy lifestyle. I can’t wait to see what plan y’all create to encourage healthy eating in pregnant women! -Prisila S

  3. I find this to be a very important topic when it comes to pregnancy. Most women talk about keeping that “before I was a mom” body, but choosing the right foods in order to benefit the baby is also an important factor. I liked how you did outside research to back up your statements! good work! -Claudia L.

  4. I really enjoyed reading your blog post and flowed very well. I think that you are raising awareness for a very important topic. I agree that proper nutrition is essential for both the mother and the baby. I look forward to seeing what you do.
    -Alexis M.

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