What’s Going On? Video Style. -Nishi P. Sophie W.

Hello everyone! Its been a while since we last updated everyone on our progress. This time, we decided to change things up with a video update! In our video, you will see how far we have gotten in last few weeks, our current solutions, and our next steps. April 24th seems far, but for us,... Continue Reading →

Micronutrients: The Key to a Healthy Pregnancy -Sophie W

Many things have changed over the course of this project. In fact, only two things have really remained constant: Me and my partner's passion for our problem Our problem These two constants are clearly centered around our problem which is: An x number of women ages 19-24 around the UT campus and the greater Austin... Continue Reading →

A Healthy Slice of Pregnancy -Nishi P.

Over the last month, more and more ideas have filtered through my mind on how to solve Sophie and I’s problem. There are currently no programs set in place at the Austin Pregnancy Resource Center to educate women to implement better diets during their pregnancy. This is a really big issue because proper nutrition can... Continue Reading →

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