Hello/It’s me -Celeste O.

Hey guys! I am really excited for various reasons. One, we are almost tenth graders! That means we are three years away from graduating and going to college! Now, back on next year, I am excited to see what classes I will be taking and what I will be learning. I

Dream Book Collection

am also really excited to read the summer reading book, as hard as that might seem.

I really love to read because to me reading is like seeing a movie in my head. My favorite book of all time is The Farm by Emily McKay.

My favorite quote from TMI is “All the stories are true” which means that all the fairy tales are true, which I really like.

I am actually very interested in becoming a Obstetrician, because I find that a very appealing career and I know next year will be learning a lot about maternity and in the summer reading book.

I love to learn and I am already wanting to go into next year’s content, but for now I will comfort myself with the summer reading. Bye for now!

These are really fun to make

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