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Hello Class of 2019!  Welcome to Biomedical Innovations.  This summer you will be reading “Get Me Out: A History of Childbirth from the Garden of Eden to the Sperm Bank.”  This book will help provide cultural and sociological background to give you context for our guiding question for 2016-2017 “How can we use technology innovations to improve maternal health?”

We Make People!

We will be studying everything from the reproductive ethics to the physiology of pregnancy and maybe even some coding for making apps.  It should be a great year – busy and full of learning!  I hope the summer reading inspires you to start thinking about saving mother’s lives at birth.  Have fun.

ARS Biomed
ARS Biomed Logo (courtesy of Ann Richards School)

(Notice how this short, introductory blog post just provides a little background about me (or, in this case, the project) and a few thoughts I have. It shows that I am able to post on the blog, insert an image, set a featured image, and put my post into a category.  That is all that is required for the first, short 100 word post. Easy!)

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