Viviana & Yadira-Death Row Inmates and Organ Transplants?

Our team consist of Yadira Iglesias and Viviana Jaimes. We are preparing a debate about how Death Row Inmates should not seek any type of an organ transplant especially Horacio Alberto Reyes-Camarena. According to The Incompatibility of incarceration of and health care, in 1996, Horacio Alberto Reyes-Camarena was sentenced to death for the murder of an 18-year-old woman whom he stabbed to death. During the await of his execution Horacio’s kidneys began to fail. Inmates who are on death row should not be allowed or offered to get any type of organ transplant. Since the inmates on death row will already die, the organ should be given to a person who actually deserves

Death Row Inmate Horacio

and be willing to use that organ for the rest of their life. If an inmate on death row gets a organ transplant, they will put it to waste because they are going to die anyways so why waste a perfectly good organ on a person who eventually be executed.
Lucky enough we weren’t the only ones who agreed on our thinking. According to the Statesman Journal, medical review panel of the Oregon Department of Corrections concluded, that the death row inmate, Horacio Alberto Reyes-Camarena will not be eligible for a kidney transplant. Taxpayers now are paying more than $120,000 per year to provide life-saving dialysis for the inmate at the Two Rivers Correctional Institution. A man you stabbed two women to death, is getting free life-saving dialysis because he is not paying for one cent. This is not only unfair but disrespectful for citizens who need it more; people who have a chance to use that organ for a long period of time. Not only is this a waste of time, it’s a waste of an organ. Horacio will eventually be executed so why waste the organ?
Death Row Inmates should not be allowed or even offered to get a organ transplant. Not only have they done horrendous crimes but they are taking others organs when they are going to be executed. Citizens who are fighting for these organs are being treated unfairly because of this issue. The inmates are not even paying for their treatment while others have to pay with their own money. Taxpayers are wasting precious money on inmates who are already going to die. People need to realize that inmates on death row should not receive no organ transplant because eventually they will be executed.

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