Death Row Organs- Areon B, Ebheni H

Horacio Alberto Reyes was born on June 30th 1955 in Mexico City. He later came to the United States in 1969 when he was only 13 years old. His life was always built on hard work where he spent most of his time working in a restaurant located in San Antonio Texas. From the start he was labeled as a illegal immigrant, always scrounging for money to make a honest living.  His following convictions include stabbing and killing Maria and Angelica Zetina. He of course has sentenced to death row where he is now been put on dialysis. Every year the state spends around $121,025 to help keep him alive while each treatment session alone cost $775.80. He has now been in prison for at least 5 years and let alone that rings in about $363,075 just from him alone. Why should the state make all the following money go to waste, when so much has already been put into protecting and aiding him with the correct medical care? He is a human being with the same human rights as any other person. Yes of course he has made mistakes in the past, but are we as a society going to take his life away because of us not agreeing with his decisions in the past?

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