Human Relief // Leyla

These few months going on and continuing our DAP project have been very hard and challenging because all of the stress that has been piled on top of us. Also just having all the classes and other projects that are due can be very hard to manage but we’re getting there! For our prototype we’ve been challenged on figuring out where exactly some of the ligaments and muscles are located. This is because we locate them on one picture but then it changes which you would assume is impossible, but it happens.

I feel the only challenges we will be facing sometime in the future is having our prototype done, other than that having our presentations and advertisement will be effective and a hit. It’s been awhile since we’ve actually done a blog post updating our current status but overall it has been going very well and things will start getting more on track once we get in class on Monday.IMG_2361

Through our process of making attempts to build a prototype we’ve constantly hit this roadblock and it being “where should we protect the most?”, “how is it different from other prototypes out in the market?” This is a constant question as said before and so when we brainstorm we always try to keep these questions in mind because they are going to be major questions once were completely done. Through this we constantly changed up where we thought was most important because it’s what we thought got hurt the most and it being mostly around the calcaneus bone in your foot. But once we have done interviews people had said more about the lower part where the ball is located so keeping this in mind we decided to not only have protection for the calcaneus but also for the bottom of the ball joint.

We still have not conducted any test for our prototypes because we have not fully completed one due to the materials being very weird and needing specialized materials. Also because we have been behind on a lot of our actual research and various other things that have been needed to be turned in. All in all not very many improvements have been made to our prototype but they will soon happen and be tested.

As for the materials we wanted to use for our prototype they were not ordered, due to the fact that we have had to go back and really debate on the materials we would need to use for our prototype. Sadly it took longer than we expected so nothing we requested got ordered. Now since no materials we requested got ordered we will have to ask other groups if they will let us have some of their materials to use in order to create not a final prototype but a close to final prototype.IMG_2359

Onto the research and advertisements for the device we were in the process of making an ad for our product and tried different ways to market our device. We added a picture of a person wearing our device and we also included some research and percentages on the injuries that could be possible in an ankle. We also included a slogan “Moving to the motion of you” and we thought that it was really catchy and would stick with the buyer and make them consider purchasing it.

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