Temporal Lobe- I hear you! (Anabel P, Eleanor B, Shana F, Priscilla O)

Music has always been and definitely will be an indispensable part of human life. As a vital component of art, it appeared as early as neolithic time period and functioned as a relaxing activity during their leisure time. Since then it has been changing as human history develops from simple civilization to modern society. Nevertheless, today our team consists of four 10th graders in the biomedical pathway as well as music addicts come up a brand new perspective towards music which associates with our pathway—which organ in our body determines our hearing? You may think such an explicit question isn’t worth any researches or studies? The truth is that the answer in your heart is only the top of iceberg. The director—temporal lobe in our brain is behind the scene but controlled everything. I hope I have stirred your interest. Join us! We will lead you an adventure in mysterious temporal lobe.

First, let’s take a look of its location, The temporal lobe is inferior and medial to the cortex. More specifically The temporal lobe is located behind your ears and extends to both sides of the brain. More specifically the location of the temporal lobe is inferior and medial of the cortex; superior to your ears. The temporal lobe sub components are the olfactory cortex,  amygdala, and the hippocampus.

Then let’s talk about its major function

The temporal lobe mainly resolves around hearing and selective listening. It receives sensory information such as sounds and speech from the ears. That’s why I mentioned above “ears” wasn’t a comprehensive answer. Moreover, it is also key to being able to comprehend speech. Haven’t you noticed how important our temporal lobe is? There is another amazing thing making it special that it make sense of all the different sounds and pitches (different types of sound) being transmitted from the sensory receptors of the ears.

Now, I believe that you now know how essential our temporal lobe is. I want to “impress” you from another perspective which is the consequence of injuries  so that we can improve your comprehension towards our temporal lobe. If the temporal lobe was injured you may experience disturbance of auditory sensation and perception, which means an inability to pay attention to what you see or hear. Also it can cause you lose the ability of comprehending language. Moreover, you may not have long term memory.  At last you may experience seizures, lose your sense of humor, and become obsessive.

We have arrived our terminal station of our adventure. We hope you had a meaningful  reading time. We welcome your suggestions and comments. Thank you!

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