Progress! Savannah Pena

The start of this project was an idea, but as time has moved on its becoming a real product. As a team we have been working on getting our recycling app a strong foundation. As a team we thought of ways we could make the app user-friendly and easy to understand the procedure on how to use it. The plan is to help reduce waste, because as humans there and multiple ways we produce waste. Many people don’t get the option to recycle with their local waste disposal companies their neighborhood is signed up with. We want to spread the word about saving the Earth.

This project has been difficult in the sense that not all of us have the experience for. The more we find about the real world projects and other things similar to this app we are trying to create. We realize how much other people have similar ideas, this is one of the reasons we wanted to push for this kind of app was to make our idea more real and unique compared to the others.

This project is completely different from our previous project. The last project we have attempted to take to the final stages. Our coding is new for all of us, but we are trying out best with the resources we have available for us. There are miscalculations in our code that we didn’t see before. We are working hard to accomplish our goal. There have been many steps to gathering what we need from online helpers and instruction manuals.

The design we decided to go ahead with is the best choice/design because in the design we considered functionality and safety. Liquids don’t mesh well with electricity, so we added a box-like design to protect the arduino board. The box was made out of plywood because those were the materials we had available at the time. We want the wires to flow without any problems so we made holes on the top side and on the back side. The box is held together by wood glue because we found it acceptable to use it for a prototype. The hinges are constructed out of duct tape because the metal hinges are so much harder to come by. The materials we used are the best for this project.







Sanding down the edges of the box sides.


Finished prototype for the Arduino board to fit.








90 degree clamps holding together our box.


In the process of gluing our box container together.


Scarlet team


Team working on code improvements

code on screen


coding on the computer screen

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