The Brainy Bunch takes Yoga!- Ashwara P.

Hello. My name is Ashwara and I am currently working on my cornerstone project with Austin Prenatal Yoga. My partner, Karla and I are creating methods and props for pregnant women to use while doing yoga. When Karla and I were researching ideas for props, we came across 11 different ideas. Of course, we narrowed... Continue Reading →

Team Progress, Emma Pineda

This first six weeks are close to an end, and we have completed many tasks for the DAP project. We started by learning more about joints, and then choosing the joint that we will focus on the entire project and come up with an innovation to protect the joint when playing roller derby.  We also at some... Continue Reading →

Progress! Savannah Pena

The start of this project was an idea, but as time has moved on its becoming a real product. As a team we have been working on getting our recycling app a strong foundation. As a team we thought of ways we could make the app user-friendly and easy to understand the procedure on how... Continue Reading →

Baby Beeper- Carina Carrasco

In researching for patents I came across some really eye opening patents that made think about all of the different ways one can improve a baby car seat and all of the different alarms one can use. It is somewhat overwhelming to see all the different ways one can go about improving car seat and how... Continue Reading →

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