Inside of a Coffee Maker?!-R.Villescaz

Howdy Fellow classmates and other tech-savvy persons! I am assuming you are at least a little interested in what the inside of a coffee maker looks like considering you have chosen to read this blog in particular. Well, Desire’e and I are designing an alarm clock that has a coffee maker that will actually wake YOU up in the morning. Notice I did not say a coffee maker with an alarm clock, rather an alarm clock that has coffee ready for you.

Ms. Misner was kind enough to donate a small coffee maker to Desire’e and I. We took this as a chance to do some reverse engineering and see what is inside of a coffee maker. Well, all I can say is who knew plastic could be so strong? It took LOADS of force to prob the thing open but when we did, we saw the brains!

coffee maker 1

As I was tearing this badboy apart, I was trying to see if anything looked familiar from what I learned in Digital Electronics last year. I saw a motor, resistors, and transistors. It was really awesome seeing what we learned last year actually being put to work in real life. We ran into lots of challenges along the way because whoever designed this coffee maker, did not want anyone to see inside of it. We had to use our engineering brains to get all the parts off, well that and some muscles.

We plan to get our 3D Designs done before the middle of next six weeks, and start building our alarm clock! I am really excited to put our brains to work and shovel through this challenge.

coffee maker 3

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  1. I’d like to tear my coffee maker apart since it hasn’t been brewing decent coffee lately! Great insight!

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