9 Months- Xochitl D.

What happens between conception and birth? How does your knowledge or pregnancy change your perspective on birth, labor, and delivery?

Pregnancy, nine long joyful and painful months. During pregnancy a women undergoes many changes in her body due to the growing fetus. Starting from the  First Trimester (Week 1-12) and ending with the Third Trimester (Week 29-40). But it’s not all ease during those 40 weeks. When a woman is pregnant she begins to have symptoms like morning sickness, swollen/tender breasts, frequent urination, fatigue, constipation, etc. These are the common symptoms of pregnancy during the First Trimester.



Frequent urination is due to the growing uterus, during pregnancy the uterus grows drastically due to the fetus, during pregnancy the uterus stretches up to 40 cm. Since the uterus takes up more space it pushes into bladder causing the need to urinate more often.

Breast tenderness or swelling is due to the milk ducts getting larger and preparing for the soon to come baby. It could also be due the hormonal changes the body is experiencing.

Constipation is due to slowing down of food through the digestive system.

With pregnancy come great responsibility and pain. A woman that is pregnant might express discomfort in many areas of her body, one of them being her lower back. Back pain is common throughout the pregnancy but is much more constant in later stages. The reason why pregnant women get lower back pain is due to the amount of weight that is being gained because of the growing fetus. But there is many ways that pain can be alleviated: Avoid sleeping on your back, When picking up something squat, Exercise, etc.  

My knowledge of pregnancy has changed my views on birth because I have been able to see the process in which a fetus grows and all of what is needed to form a healthy baby. Vitamins, exercise, foods, medication, etc. are only a portion of the contribution to the growth of a baby.

In conclusion, pregnancy is not just nine months, they are nine month of forming a life. With it comes many obstacles, processes, information, and dedication.  baby-stages-week-by-week

Baby Stages

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