Ban teens on Cosmetic Surgery- Stephanie & Cindy

Germany’s new government is currently working on a law banning cosmetic surgery for minors. “I think it is completely unacceptable to give a 15-year-old a breast enlargement as a Christmas present,” Jens Spahn, health spokesman for the Christian Democratic Union, told Der Spiegel. That cosmetic surgery for teens should only be necessary if the minor is going through any medical health problems or is involved in an injury.

Our debate is support the ban if cosmetic surgery for minors, and only be allowed for medical purposes.  There is scientific reason for minor to undergo cosmetic surgery just for fun. Though cosmetic surgery is not the right option for teens or minor, there are some exception. For example if a teen breaks their nose it may require some cosmetic surgery, that is allowed because is it for a medical reason, not just for fun. Whereas some teenage female want breast enlargements just to fit in the crowd, this is will be ban because there is no medical reason. Her breast tissue are still growing and may not be fully developed until the age after 18.

The usual cosmetic patients are teens from ages 13-19 and the reason for why they want to get this surgery is to improve physical characteristics that they feel are defective or awkward. They also tend to have this surgery to fit in with others, look similar or to look better. But minors don’t understand that their body is still developing and if there seeking into plastic surgery they won’t be suited enough for the operation yet. There are benefits and risks to the surgery. Teens are not mentally developed

Some argue that cosmetic surgery for teens is fine, and are helping them but some teens are not fully developed. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons most teens from age 13-19 are not well suited for the cosmetic surgery, they must prove that they are emotionally matured for the procedure. They need to have realistic goals and expectations of what will happen with going through cosmetic surgery.

At the end teens wanting to go through cosmetic surgery should be ban and only be allowed if it helps improve the teens health.

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