Almost to the finish line with Gabriela Ornelas

A moment that everyone can appreciate, is the moment in which you can see something actually working. Whether you are building a paper airplane, and it can actually fly, or whether you are building a new app, and that app is processing the way you planned. That is how I feel about my project today. In the beginning my product felt so out of reach that it wasn’t possible, but overtime we have made so much progress.

Comfort4U is creating a comfortable and affordable seat cushion. We have three different groups in the company, the first one being the bosses. The second one being the prototype creators (mine), and the last one being the group who tests and tries to find ways to improve the prototype based on pressure points, etc. So far the prototype, is coming along! We have completely finished the back cushion by creating the cover for the furniture foam. Now we have moved on to the seat cushion, and we have completed cutting the furniture foam to the criteria that the bosses wanted. Our company wanted us to have a slope, which took us awhile to cut, but we eventually cut the furniture foam at a very slight slope. Our worry with the slope was that it would be to drastic, making the foam pointless.

The next step in our project is to create a seat cushion for the furniture foam, and eventually sew both the back and seat cushions covers together. This concept makes sense in our heads, but if it doesn’t work out when we try it then we will have to work with the other group to find a way to improve the seat cushion.

A big goal our group has is to make sure that everything is completed in time for the maker fair in April. We are pretty confident that this is an obtainable goal, just to make sure that we are staying on topic and being focused.

Until Next time!!

collage 2

Photo of all groups working hard together!

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