Untitled Thoughts by Nissa M.

The hero blanket was a failure and I accept that. Its important to accept your failure and learn from them. I learned that sometimes the pressure to make something so original and new overrides everything all your other ideas. I think that they forgot that we are just high schoolers and not only that but only one person from our group was from the engineer pathway. Maybe I’m just looking for excuses but there is a reason that I did not choose to be in the engineering pathway. I did not want anything to do with building etc. We also never got our materials from the material store. I was very disappointed I hope the school gets its money back because if not then that is a little messed up.

When we presented our hero blanket to the older adults with really important jobs, some understood the concept and  understood that we were just 17 year old girls with a vision. Some did not and that’s okay not everyone is going to see eye to eye with you.

The blanket is long gone now in some landfill decomposing , atoms breaking down and I’m here listening to Spotify typing this blog while so many wonderful things are happening around the world at this very moment. I digress. We chose to create an 8th grade module because that sounded like the most interesting thing amongst all the others. We decided to do a DNA extraction lab because we did it when we were around their age.

I thought it was the coolest thing ever, I mean the DNA looked like snot and that is what is considered DNA. I didn’t know DNA looked like snot. We created a sheet with instructions and a quiz to go along with it. The science teacher or whatever her title may be basically told us it would be a waste of time. That’s okay if she thinks that. My group has now wasted 2 days creating that module. That’s okay.

No we are remodeling our ugly bathrooms , where the doors hang off the hinges and rust covers the bathroom mirrors. This sounds very appealing to us and we are all excited and I hope this works and we are successful . It be a very great feat if we do.

We presented the idea to our vice principal and she was ecstatic about the idea and very excited. I’m glad she feels the same way.

I would not be surprised if this was actually written on one of our stalls.
I would not be surprised if this was actually written on one of our stalls.

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  1. I believe the teacher should of gave your group’s module a chance. Everyone deserves a chance even if sometimes somethings won’t work. I’m glad your group didn’t give up on doing something different for your group’s project. I think remodeling the bathrooms of our school is a great idea! Our restrooms aren’t the best and have you seen the middle school restroom by Mr. Lantzy old room? Is horrible. Your group should do what you all think is great and what you guys think will succeed. There’s an anonymous quote and it says, “Forget what people think and do whatever makes you happy.”
    -Nelly Contreras

  2. Hi Nissa,
    I feel most of us have been in your position; I’m speaking from experience. Our group was the SuperNovas and we had a vision of creating an improved hard hat for the construction workers however that turned to a fail. We started out with a vision of how we wanted it to be but little by little as a group we noticed that the corrections the teachers were trying to push on us was not making us happy. We became less interested in our project. It was also difficult for us too because we only had one engineer in our group and we did want to overload her with things that needed to be done. We also felt like some of the things that the teachers wanted was a little bit challenging to do due to the money situation. But I look at our project as a learning experience because in reality nothing is ever going to work out the first time, there are always going to be difficult spots in the road and things that will be hard. I am glad to see that your group has moved on and has taken a different route, a fresh start is maybe what you need. You will know kind of what to do and what not to do and what won’t work. As for my group only 3 of us group members stayed together and gained 2 others. I am honestly happier with our new project and we are doing something that we are comfortable with and something that we know we can handle. I think having a new beginning will benefit us because we already went through the trouble of not having our first project work. I hope your new project comes along, best wishes to you and your group!

    – Savannah Ojeda

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