Should Abortions Due to Birth Defect Related Issues be Legal? -Nishi P. & Bella T.

There are many reasons why a person would be for or against abortion. However, we believe that a woman should have total control over her body without a man telling her what she can or can’t do. The death of a child postpartum due to birth defect related complications can cause long term effects on the parents. The opposing team believes that abortions related to birth defects should be illegal because they believe that when parents decide to have a baby they make a sacrifice to love and support their child, unconditionally. There will always be that known risk of birth defects so a parent should always support their children and lead them through life no matter what.

According to Motherboard, abortions in Brazil are illegal. However, in some cases such as if birth defects were found by doctors then a woman is able to receive an abortion legally. We are often faced with the idea that abortion is murder. We have these thoughts that are often shoved down our throats which can really affect us in the ways we think. But we are not here to discuss whether abortion really is murder or not. We are here to discuss whether birth defect related abortions should be allowed or not.

When you know that your child is going to die in the first few years or even months of their life you should have the option to make sure you as well as your child doesn’t suffer. The death of a child can also cause major relationship and marital strains. According to PMC, over 50,000 children die annually and the death elicits extreme depression, anxiety, and causes extreme trauma.

In relation to this, in the past few months the Supreme Court made abortion in Texas legal. This has caused controversy all over the state. Abortion being legal is a topic that is highly debated, but again the option to be able to abort a child can help reduce women from having to deal with depression and/or anxiety.

The Zika virus causes a baby to be born with a small head. While that seems to not be that big of a deal it causes a child’s brain to not develop properly and can cause vision problems, seizures, and joint deformities. Microcephaly can be detected during a certain stage of pregnancy with an ultrasound. Another disease that can cause death after a few days or hours of a child’s life is called Anencephaly, which is a disease where a child is born with a major portion of the brain missing. This disease is detectable through sonograms. A mother should be allowed to abort of child if she knows that some life threatening diseases are present. As stated above, the death of a child is very traumatic and can take a toll on the parents.

This is what a child’s head will look like if they have been affected by Anencephaly.
Brazil Losing to Zika
This is what a child’s head looks like when affected by microcephaly.

In conclusion, both of us have found reasons that support our position on this case. We didn’t include all on this first blog post as we haven’t gotten to research more on this topic. There are probably so many other reasons why people are on the affirmative side of this medical ethics case then stated above. We will research more about botched abortions and hopefully have an even better understanding on this topic. 

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  1. I agree with how the death of a child can be traumatic for most or all parents that go through it. But I disagree with the point that they should make abortion legal for birth defects. I believe it’s about giving the child an opportunity. Doctors can’t assume the baby is going to die when its born or if birth defects will be present when the child is born, because as in many cases children have surpassed the life expectancy doctors have given them. Parents don’t know that the child won’t be successful because life is unexpected and technology can advance further as the child grows. I believe they should just be given the opportunity to see what they are capable of.
    -Vanessa M. 2nd period

  2. Your blog post was very interesting to read and you both stated some very interesting facts.
    I disagree with your statement that abortion for birth defects should be legal. We believe that the mother/parents should accept their child and love them no matter their differences. They should be ready to take on the responsibility of caring for their child even if they have birth defects. I also agree with Brazil that abortion for birth affects should be illegal unless the birth defects are very severe and the baby will be in pain. I also agree that the death of a child/abortion of a baby will be very traumatizing to the mother and also the parents.

    Hope C 2nd period

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