Generation of Academic Leaders- Truc L. Bunmi O., Melanie A., Angelica G.

Hello, our group name is the G.O.A.L Setters. The team members in our group are Truc Ly, Bunmi Oni, Angelica Garcia, and Melanie Arce. The meaning behind our team name (G.O.A.L Setters) is that G.O.A.L stands for Generation of Academic Leaders, we chose this name because we wanted to demonstrate that this generation is full... Continue Reading →

Nine Long Months – Ashwara P.

What happens between conception and birth? This is probably the first thing that passes through a women head when she sees the plus sign on her pregnancy stick. First, there is going to be nine long months that she will be experiencing. It will be filled with discomfort, nausea, and pain, but in the end,... Continue Reading →

Hormones,Ovaries,Fertility Oh My -Bella T.

From the begging of civilization women have been perceived to have two jobs only those jobs were to 1: get married and 2: have children. Any women who couldn't perform said task was considered useless and unflattering by society. Before in the earlier centuries women were told that their infertility was an act of god... Continue Reading →

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