Prototypes + cries = oh my! (Trinh)

Hey there! Hopefully the title caught your eye,┬áthe reason for the conjunction of "prototypes" and "cries" is because┬áthe Guppies Group Inc. have not received any of their ordered materials yet! *Cue the tears and the self condemnation for lack of patience.* To be fair, some of the more important materials like the neoprene and vinyl... Continue Reading →

Let’s get a PRONTO on the PROTOtyping! (TRINH)

During these past two weeks the Guppies Group Inc. experienced an innovation block. However, it wasn't due to a lack of inspiration or motivation but it seemed like each member had a different idea on what the final invention would entail. While one person thought the device would just include an upper arm wrap with... Continue Reading →

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