Alignment, posture, and subluxation–Oh My! (Karrie Newton)

Hello! It's Karrie from VertaBend. This week, my team has been researching patented neck braces. We noticed that nearly all of the neck braces we found mentioned nothing about keeping the neck aligned in its natural posture, which we want to focus on. Why? Subluxation, my friends. Before we get to that though, a quick... Continue Reading →

Vertabend- Newton, Reed, Z. Salazar, Trevino

Team mission: To support a healthy neck posture with an innovative and cost-effective design for an individual's appealing and practical use throughout their daily lives. My name is Karolyn Newton and I am the team leader of Vertabend. I've contributed ideas and resources to the problem we've decided on, as I have dealt with scoliosis... Continue Reading →

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