Wrong Animal Model -Charlen P.

In chapter 4, Mislead By Mice I learned many important concepts when it come to treating, experimenting, testing with mice. Although they're not very accurate when it comes to see how it affect a human after being tested on a mice, scientist still continued this method. Although some scientists have expressed uncertainty and recognized the... Continue Reading →

Busted!-Michelle G

In chapter 6 lot's of information was thrown at us. At the beginning of the chapter Researchers at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) commenced a new test one that would help detect ovarian cancer in women. This 'new test" made headlines and the researchers even made the... Continue Reading →

Really? Jumping to conclusions -Lila H

While reading chapters six of Rigor Morris, "jumping to conclusions" I found that jumping to conclusions is a big factor of mistakes made while doing research. Scientists and researchers tend to jump to conclusions once one test works successfully on a study. They aren't always thoroughly checking to make sure there are no bumps in... Continue Reading →

Backstabbing Biomed-Danna M.

  I must say that reading this chapter really opened my eyes to the effects that mistakes could have on more than just your own cause but it can also affect others. Now I wasn't entirely surprised that some Biomedical research is not entirely true and can get mixed up, but I didn't quite acknowledge that... Continue Reading →

The Cold Wet Truth – Morgan Gainer-Kendrick

ASL is a disease that reduces muscle mass until death. Many fundraisers toward the treatments are useless. The ice bucket challenge raised $100 million during 2014 toward this deadly disease. However, "The search for a treatment for this deadly degenerative disease is a rife with studies so poorly designed that they offered nothing more than... Continue Reading →

Covered up Mistakes – Morgan Gainer-Kendrick

In chapter 2 of Rigor Mortis I became very aware on how little mistakes can produce a largely different outcome. Many scientist follow safe and healthy procedures but can turn a blind eye to small mistakes. Still their research is published and they receive awards. However when another scientist wants to reproduce their experiment or... Continue Reading →

“Truth” or “Lie”? – Miesner

You might have heard the statistic currently buzzing around the internet that "7% of Americans think Chocolate Milk comes from brown cows."  Shocking - right?  How could Americans be so scientifically illiterate? When I read this "fact" I initially feel some of the same outrage that I have seen my students reflecting in their  posts... Continue Reading →

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