Brainy Bunch Makes Process!

Hello! Our names are Karla Ruiz and Ashwara Pillai and we are called the Brainy Bunch. We have chosen the path of prenatal yoga because we want to help the mothers that brought us into this world and encourage them to stay mentally and physically healthy while they are nurturing the beautiful new life inside... Continue Reading →

You Don’t Always Get What You Want (Mariana M., Julia M., Eleanor B., Adeila O.)

Recently our group POW (Protecting Others Worldwide) ┬áhas been working on figuring out what materials to use for their device and have also been working on our prototypes. We could tell right away that our group was going to have some problems with building the prototype. We all have individual ideas that we think are... Continue Reading →

Modeling by Libertad E.

If we thought 3D modeling all the individual pieces was hard assembling them on Autodesk Inventor and in real life is another challenge in the Maker Cycle journey. While Jessica and I were making the individual pieces together I was worried that when it came to assemble them together in Inventor that they would not... Continue Reading →

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