HeLa- Nicole B.

The fifth chapter of Rigor Mortis by Richard Harris called Trusting the Untrustworthy talks about the creation of HeLa. HeLa is a immortal cell line that kept dividing and proliferating indefinitely. It all started in 1994, when Nina Desai and her colleagues announced the creation of a new tool that produced test-tube babies. They describe... Continue Reading →

Why rats?- Nicole B.

In chapter four of Rigor Mortis the main point of it was how mice have mislead scientist. As the book says “ One reason everybody uses mice: because everybody else uses mice.” Every scientist uses mice and sometimes whatever drug is being tested on them doesn't always go as planned is probably trying to say... Continue Reading →

The Challenge of Teamwork-Esmeralda R.

While reading chapter 9, "The Challenge of Precision Medicine", from the book Rigor Mortis, I was very astonished with everything that was occurring in the crisis with biomedical research. Medicine and cures are still not found due to scientists lack of partnership. Each give their own opinions instead of collaborating to put all opinions and... Continue Reading →

Really? Jumping to conclusions -Lila H

While reading chapters six of Rigor Morris, "jumping to conclusions" I found that jumping to conclusions is a big factor of mistakes made while doing research. Scientists and researchers tend to jump to conclusions once one test works successfully on a study. They aren't always thoroughly checking to make sure there are no bumps in... Continue Reading →

A misleading decision- Alicia L.

When I hear the phrase "test subject", the first thing I think of is a rat, and it's true, most scientists use rats or mice for their studies, but it turns out they may have been making a mistake. Many studies involving rats and other animals have been misleading. Not only can it throw researchers... Continue Reading →

Little Mice Lies – Jennifer O.

In the 4th chapter of Rigor Mortis the author explains that it is very important for scientists to test that medicine is safe before we take it, this isn’t an easy job and there are a lot of problems with the way scientists are doing it. Before drugs are given to people, scientists have to... Continue Reading →

The Cold Wet Truth – Morgan Gainer-Kendrick

ASL is a disease that reduces muscle mass until death. Many fundraisers toward the treatments are useless. The ice bucket challenge raised $100 million during 2014 toward this deadly disease. However, "The search for a treatment for this deadly degenerative disease is a rife with studies so poorly designed that they offered nothing more than... Continue Reading →

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