The Challenge of Teamwork-Esmeralda R.

While reading chapter 9, "The Challenge of Precision Medicine", from the book Rigor Mortis, I was very astonished with everything that was occurring in the crisis with biomedical research. Medicine and cures are still not found due to scientists lack of partnership. Each give their own opinions instead of collaborating to put all opinions and... Continue Reading →

Sick Baby or Real Baby? -Pattie A.

  As I was reading the introduction and part one from Get Me Out by Randi Hutter Epstein, I realized how blessed yet wicked this generation truly is. Today, we see ourselves as the all mighty when it comes to viewing the medical field, which is true seeing the progress and changes that have happened... Continue Reading →

Almost there !! -Kaiyla Washington

To wrap up this weeks project M.O.M has been trying to pull everything together and for the most part I believe we are ready for our presentation on Wednesday morning. This project has been a great learning experience for all the members of M.O.M group members. Some important aspects that we had to cover before... Continue Reading →

Quail save us~ Zane T.

May the gods of quail and parentheses aid us! Our mission is almost complete, and presentation day is soon arriving. I don’t think we will ever be ready enough. We’re pretty much done with our power point, besides some touching up and rehearsing, but I just don’t feel up to it. We had a practice... Continue Reading →

Prototypes + cries = oh my! (Trinh)

Hey there! Hopefully the title caught your eye, the reason for the conjunction of "prototypes" and "cries" is because the Guppies Group Inc. have not received any of their ordered materials yet! *Cue the tears and the self condemnation for lack of patience.* To be fair, some of the more important materials like the neoprene and vinyl... Continue Reading →

Work in Progress……. By: Susette A.C.

Surprise!Comfort4U has changed it's design! During the "Imagine" stage of The Maker Space Process, what Comfort4U had in mind of creating was a chair from scratch. All of our deliverables, brainstorming ideas and energy has been centered around how to create a chair from scratch. Little did we know our final design proposal would change... Continue Reading →

It’s that time- LBanda

It's that time to now get our hands dirty and begin creating our design. Before diving ourselves into this process, we wanted to create a teamwork time expectation rubric in order to recap on the weekly expectations for work time for the team. Each week, one of us will fill our the rubric and grade... Continue Reading →

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