Where did our stuff go? By: Maria Flores

We have began creating our 3D model but we can't go all the way due to late delivery of materials. This week all of the groups have been anxious about getting their materials delivered to them in order to start tinkering. As one of the groups that haven't gotten all the materials necessary to start... Continue Reading →

And the Prototyping Begins!— Maria Flores

This whole week we have been working on materials and prototype design in Google Sketch-Up for our improved surgical mask. For our mask materials we decided we were going to have 3 filters, two buckle straps, elastic and a lot of mask molds to work with. Our first filter was a Universal Carbon pre-filter, the... Continue Reading →

Get ready…set…hands on- JYaqoob

After finishing up the formal reseach and patent search, now it is the time to start making the design, that's why the title of this post is called get ready...set...hand on. Blossom Biomedical Design (BBD) team is going to gather all the materials, and put their hands on the materials and start designing. In order... Continue Reading →

Before designing -JYaqoob

As I progress in researching and thinking about how would the mask look like when designing it, I began to think what kind of mask my group and I will be making, what quantities will it have? What will be used for? and How could I improve my mask from others. This week when my... Continue Reading →

Looking Beyond By: Lorena Banda

This whole week, our main focus was to do research about our topic. We wanted to look beyond what we were currently looking into. In order to do that, we had customer interviews. We came up with some questions as a group that we could ask potential customers or customers of masks we are trying... Continue Reading →

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