“Women deserved pain”, Oh My! -Truc L.

"Women deserved pain" (1). My lower jaw drops reading this sentence. The book starts with Eve the first pregnant woman; she was cursed by God for eating forbidden after. God told her, "I greatly multiply your pain childbearing; in pain, you shall bring forth children" (1). This idea sets a mindset for women giving birth... Continue Reading →

Hormones and Other Things (Blog #2)-Celeste o.

“They knew that women were mere puppets controlled by hormonal swings” (page 101). Often when women are mad or sad, men say it’s the hormones or that time of the month. Yes, sometimes our sudden change in mood can be caused by hormones but in a new Stanford study, Dr. Henderson says that data does... Continue Reading →

How Men Changed Pregnancy-Bella T.

I’ve recently been reading Get Me Out by Randi Epstein. While I’ve been reading this book I have learned how (mostly men) and women have contributed to progress in obstetrics . In the earlier centuries men were the only ones who could be physicians and obstetrician's. In result to this men wrote all the pregnancy guides... Continue Reading →

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