What I’ve Learned Three Weeks Into the School Year. – Emily G.

In my entire time at Ann Richards, I have never felt as much pressure as I do for my 2016 spring semester DAP project. The pressure isn't that of stress, or of difficulty, it is the pressure of the fact that my project is completely different than everyone else's, and that's something that is out of... Continue Reading →

Getting Ready for the Big Day / Asbestos’d – Sophie Penniman

It's mid-April, and the end is near! The end of school, that is. We're all beyond ready to graduate, but there's a lot of things we have to do first. One of those events is the Make-o-rama on April 24th. This school-wide day of making will be where we showcase our (hopefully) finished products. We've... Continue Reading →

We have THE Mask?? By:MFlores

After all the struggles my group and I have gone through we  finally have the one! When it was time to create a mask I broke my head trying to make my design look like a really high technology surgical mask, when in reality I just had to make  potential customers happy. My bubble mask... Continue Reading →

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