Disc-Located- Ishajanek O

For the last couple of weeks my team has been recieving interviews and feedbacks from cutomers. We were able to sit in class and ask two roller derby players Grit and Cristina about the type of gear they wear during a game and practice. During the interview we asked questions about how they protect their... Continue Reading →

Regrets and Decisions – Jackie G

Save-a- Joint is in the process of finishing our second/third prototype. The title seems a bit harsh but I assure you that nothing here is regrettable to the extreme. We started to build our second/third prototype which means we're getting closer to actually making our final product. Our first prototype we created had most of... Continue Reading →

Approaching the Finishline by Amanda Campos

Hello! Greetings from everyone apart of Comfort4U! Here's a quick update of how my part of the team have been doing. Thus far we've completed our prototype and have begun new projects as asked from the head honchos of Comfort4U. We've been assigned with the job of creating a new google sketchup and a brochure/instructional... Continue Reading →

Comfort 4 U Learns to Sew -Cruz

Today was by far one of the most fun and insightful days I have spent in engineering since winter break ended. Our instructor Ms. Josephson saw that the builders were having trouble being motivated to start such a new project that they didn't know much about so it was her idea to teach us how... Continue Reading →

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