Trailer Automation ACED the Project – Annalise Irby, Chloe Coronado Winn, Erin Simons (A.C.E. Automation)

During the Make-o-Rama last Friday, the Trailer Automation team showed off our work to parents, teachers and other students. We set up three computers - one showing our compiled code on, one with our half-completed Instructable (missing only pictures), and one with the missing images constantly rotating in a slideshow. We also had our... Continue Reading →

Real Talk (Annalise Irby)

Since the beginning of the semester, the Trailer Automation team has overcome many obstacles: logistical (our parts not available or shipped too late), physical (our workspace shuffled around to many different spaces in search of power outlets and quiet testing environments) and, most importantly, mental (our own worries and confusions). As we dove deeper into... Continue Reading →

Sensing the Code (Chloe CW)

My new team started a project that involves programming and building circuits.  We are creating a system that will monitor the temperature, gas, humidity, sound, light, and motion in the airstream trailer at our school.  There has been a problem with break-ins in the past, so we decided to create a system to prevent people... Continue Reading →

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