Cold Water For Our Future-Esmeralda R. (ch.3)

After reading chapter 3 of Rigor Mortis,I became more aware that there is a lot of diseases that are difficult to find a cure for, like ALS. The search for a treatment of this disease is poor and since it was my first time hearing about this, I decided to look into this deadly disease... Continue Reading →

Fighting ALS -Jennifer O.

From reading chapter 3 of Rigor Mortis, I have learned a lot about Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). I did not know much about this disease so I decided to do some research. From an article written by the ALS Association I learned that ALS affects the body’s nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord.... Continue Reading →

Chase to Study Telomerase – Mia C.

“It’s Hard Even on the Good Days”, the second chapter of Richard Harris’ book, Rigor Mortis, continues to deeply analyze the reproducibility and legitimacy of biomedical research. Some of the content found within this chapter answered my questions regarding bias and failure about the last, which helped me to better understand the overall message of... Continue Reading →

Failures, Flaws and Findings – Alex S.

In the chapter, ‘It’s Hard Even on the Good Days’, Richard Harris moves from the general idea of reproducibility to the biases and flaws occurring in the labs that cause it and the failures they have lead to. He also brought in a lot more perspectives from different scientists and researchers, as well as examples... Continue Reading →

A different view- Alicia L.

After completing the introduction and chapter one, I realized that even scientists can turn a blind eye to the fact that not all information that is said to be true, is actually true. I understand that it's easy to use what they already have and work off of that and that money is limited, but... Continue Reading →

Chapter 1 – Jennifer O.

I never really questioned what was being told to me but after reading the first chapter of Rigor Mortis, I am starting to think differently. In the first chapter the author Richard Harris is explaining how even scientist can mess up  while doing their job and give us false information. I understand that because we... Continue Reading →

False Research, False Hope -Morgan G

After indulging myself in the first chapter of the eye opening 'Rigor Mortis: How Sloppy Science Creates Worthless Cures, Crushes Hope, and Wastes Billions' By Richard Harris I was shocked to learn that most experiments done that supposedly help prove the latest scientific research like curing cancer and Alzheimer's, can not be reproduced therefore, the... Continue Reading →

What’s Really True? – Maya B.

Richard Harris puts scientific research in a new light in the book Rigor Mortis. Exploring how it isn't as factual as some might think. In the first chapter he introduces this idea with the example of the paper done mostly by C. Glenn Begley. Begly was a director at a pharmaceutical company. Part of his job... Continue Reading →

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