What is still left to do? By Claudia V.

This week has been all about trying to finalize everything. Comfort4U has been really focusing on trying to complete everything that is necessarey in preparation for our final presentation that is coming up in about two weeks if not less. From working on our powerpoint presentation to making the finishing touches to the 3-D sketch... Continue Reading →

Teamwork makes the Dreamwork by Claudia V.

The best news in the world is finding out that the deadline for a big assignment such as our design proposal, our second deliverable, has been postponed another week! Being the seniors that we are, it has been very stressful trying to get this deliverable complete by Thursday, October 30th, so getting an extension to... Continue Reading →

Memorandum Moments- Gabriela N. Ramos

As you already know, Comfort4U is working diligently to design a chair that is suitable to the needs we have as people, but that is also beneficial economically and functionally to its market audience. For the past few weeks, our team has been enthusiastically researching, collecting opinions, and brainstorming the secret behind the “ideal” chair.... Continue Reading →

Putting It Down On Paper- Daisy Horr

After a week of interviewing potential clienteles who we, the Comfort4U team, believed would most often use chairs, such as students of various grade levels, teachers, and office employees, we have gathered a great amount of information that has helped us move forward with potential seat/chair designs. After reviewing the responses as a group, we... Continue Reading →

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