Scarlet (Eco-Bin) by Savannah P., Rachel Z., Karina M., and Brittany H.

This is what our display was during Make-O-Rama. The members of Scarlet would answered any questions that were asked by the people that walked passed the booth. Additionally, the board that we had on display showed people that worked that we previous did with the pediatric wheel and the transition to the Eco-Bin. We also... Continue Reading →

Wiring and coding! Brittany H.

Coming back from the spring break we're ready to continue our project. Our main goal for now is to begin coding our board to function as a communication device between the sensor and the phone via Bluetooth. Though setting up a program for this takes time and a lot of downloading if you're not running... Continue Reading →

Upcoming presentation -Brittany H.

We have what we need on the bio-medical side, now all that's left for us to finish our slides for our presentation and to create our prototype. For us to have evidence supporting why we need these modifications to the wheelchair are important to persuade others to believe that this is a necessary step. Our... Continue Reading →

Moving Forward – Brittany H.

After ranking our designs and choosing one that had the most of what we were looking for and prioritized, it's time to go into the nitty gritty details of our project and start finalizing some of the unfinished business we have. Our second design proposal is a formal written report that helps us develop our... Continue Reading →

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