RunnerPro Progress- Haley L.

The RunnerPro team has been hard at work the last couple of weeks creating our prototype. We are currently working on our 3rd prototype and it has definitely been a challenge for the entire team. It wasn't until we started working on this prototype that we realized that we all had different ideas for what... Continue Reading →

Halfway to the Finish Line – RunnerPro

For the past couple of weeks the RunnerPro team has been gathering customer interviews, data and constructing our very first prototype. We interviewed a wide range of people, including students and coaches from Ann Richards and medical professionals. From our customer interviews we gained a lot of information about the needs of our customers and... Continue Reading →

DAP-Annabel Martinez

We were presented our DAP project not too long ago. OurĀ goal is to make a working prototype of a device designed to prevent the injury of a specific joint. Our team has been researching in order to design our own original product that will hopefully bring something new and revolutionary to the market. Our team... Continue Reading →

SEAS Patent Research- Eliza Martin

The SEAS group quickly began patent research after conducting interviews this past week as the group was eager to begin work on understanding what technology is available on the market today or what technology has been patented. In order to research and understand the technology or designs that have been designed already, we conducted prior... Continue Reading →

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