It’s All Coming Together- Jennifer M.

The past couple of months have been not only tough but stressful mentally. We've been challenged as a team to not only get a deeper insight on the human anatomy but design a device that meets all of the customer needs to protect their joints and prove to be the better design. Not long from... Continue Reading →

So close, yet so far! – Alexys Garza

Calling all who are interested in sleeping in a car both safely and comfortably! My team, Blanket Belt Inc. has made strides in what we feel will be the next great product. These past couple of days our group has focused on our end of semester presentation, as well as our first prototype. Both of... Continue Reading →

Pros At Prototyping – Espinosa

As the 2015 year comes to a close, Backwards In High Heels company continues to work towards our mission. There is no such thing as over recapping on a mission statement, so we’d like to remind ourselves and customers what we are striving for. The Backwards in High Heels company was created in order to... Continue Reading →

Easily Suede -Sophie Penniman

For this blog post, I thought I'd highlight a little part of our prototyping process. One of my responsibilities these past couple of weeks was (among other things) to order the material that would cover the surface of our insert. Our group wanted something like leather; a material that would be durable, comfortable, and supportive. We started... Continue Reading →

Prototyping Time! By Karina M.

The Scarlet team is finally in the prototyping phase of our pediatric wheel project! A week prior, Scarlet had a team meeting with Ms. Meisner to go over our design proposal. During the meeting, Ms. Miesner pointed out some essential items that we needed to revise in order to start brainstorming what our next steps... Continue Reading →

Prototyping Predictions (Chloe CW)

This week was my first week back from visiting colleges and I had to catch up on group progress I missed last week. It was the first week I really got to work on improving our design after turning in and getting feedback on our design proposal. The product described in our proposal wasn’t detailed... Continue Reading →

The Joy of Making – Miesner

I am excited to see that so many groups have already posted when the 3rd six weeks has just begun.  Good job ladies about being proactive with your assignments.  I'm also excited (as they are) to be moving into the prototyping or "Making" phase of the project.  I love research and writing and planning, but... Continue Reading →

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