Runner Pro- Dimanique Henderson

Since my last post, our group is still progressing and making strides to get to our final result. We are still making a prototype to protect different types of knee injuries for female track runners. So far, our group is accomplishing tasks that will soon lead us to our final prototype that seems so far... Continue Reading →

Transformation of the Titans- Roberta S.

During this particular time in my project I and my teammates are focused on working our prototypes in preparations for design and put our final product together. As of now we have one prototype finished with very basic materials and we are currently working on our second prototype planning to have a more detailed design.... Continue Reading →

Progress and the Process – Isabella A.

Following up since my last blog post, ReJoint Inc. has been hard at work regularly building new and innovative prototypes to protect ACL tears in the knee, specifically for soccer players. In addition to building prototypes, we now also have a base of what to build our product after thanks to customer interviews! For our customer... Continue Reading →

Nice and Cozy- Eleanor B.

This week in biomed my team and I focused on the construction and development of our product prototype. We discussed customer needs and materials to use, as well as how we are going to make the prototype. The material we are using is similar to that of a "Dri-FIT" material. We chose this because it... Continue Reading →

So far So good- Anabel Perez

Our team is currently doing very well in the project. We are up to date on our customer interviews, besides a few minor errors in our recorded data. We have seen how others work with our prototype by video recording them looking at and trying on our product. So far we have yet to come... Continue Reading →

Let’s get to Building! -Mariana M.

POW POW POW!!! From making prototypes to watching people figure out how our device works to finding the flaws our device contains. This couple days have been pretty interesting we have been having build work time in class to innovate our prototype. As the due date gets closer, the tension increases. In the past classes... Continue Reading →

OrthoDocs Become Innovators- Brenda V.

So far, OrthoDocs is getting to the point where we are starting to realize how we are going to actually make a shoulder gear. Previously in class, half of OrthoDocs went to do 3D printing called TinkerCad while the other half did sewing and watched videos such as “Get to Know Your Sewing Machine”. After... Continue Reading →

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