Joint protection Project- Ebheni H.

During the past couple of weeks our group has made progress to the point where we thought in the past we would have fallen apart. I am proud of myself and my group because we have been very open-minded and we have also seen our failures and laughed at them but, also learned from them... Continue Reading →

Improvements on DerbyPro-Diana Garcia

The DerbyPro team has been focusing on building our prototypes and making further research about the joint. To build our prototypes we had to do some brainstorming because we had to make our prototype work with the materials that we had available at the moment. Our first one was not very successful because we tried... Continue Reading →

In the Process – Stephanie

Save-A-Joint is has now entered the prototyping phase, creating a possible final idea of protection for the elbow joint. We have been considering the elbow movement, and structure as we create the prototype, and also thinking about materials we are going to use. Throughout time we have learned many new things along the way. In... Continue Reading →

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