Selfish Scientists Are Slowing Down the Field by Not Showing Their Work-Ellie L.

Ever heard of the saying, "sharing is caring"? In chapter seven of Rigor Mortis, Richards Harris talks about how scientist and labs aren't sharing their work or findings. Apparently, certain labs are starting to have reputations. One lab find share all of their findings, and journals will publish articles, and other scientists will build on... Continue Reading →

Halfway to the Finish Line – RunnerPro

For the past couple of weeks the RunnerPro team has been gathering customer interviews, data and constructing our very first prototype. We interviewed a wide range of people, including students and coaches from Ann Richards and medical professionals. From our customer interviews we gained a lot of information about the needs of our customers and... Continue Reading →

Team Progress, Emma Pineda

This first six weeks are close to an end, and we have completed many tasks for the DAP project. We started by learning more about joints, and then choosing the joint that we will focus on the entire project and come up with an innovation to protect the joint when playing roller derby.  We also at some... Continue Reading →

Ebook ~ Carina Carrasco

As a group we have made a considerate amount of progress in finalizing the outline and the research for the book, that will very soon be put together with iBooks Author. We have decided to use iBook Author as a template for the BioEthics Ebook because it is very organized and one is able to... Continue Reading →

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