Problems with Postdocs – Maya B.

Chapter eight highlights many of the challenges and problems in the biomedical field ranging from too little funding to backwards incentives. I was particularly surprised by the difficulties postdocs face. Postdocs are people who have completed their PhD. They usually help in labs and hope to get stable research positions. Sadly, postdocs have to deal... Continue Reading →

Setting Foot In New Problems – Amelia Fisher

After a recent meeting with our team, Backwards in High Heels, and our teacher/mentor Ms. Miesner, we came to the sudden realization that our product design so far (a high heeled shoe insole as seen below) was no different from many of the other insoles currently out on the market. We'd originally tried to make... Continue Reading →

Prototyping Predictions (Chloe CW)

This week was my first week back from visiting colleges and I had to catch up on group progress I missed last week. It was the first week I really got to work on improving our design after turning in and getting feedback on our design proposal. The product described in our proposal wasn’t detailed... Continue Reading →

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