Getting Down and Dirty With Pumps – Sabrina Lomeli

For this week our main focus’ will be discovering past art patents and writing our memorandum. Past art patents are patents that have already been put into place, we use these to be able to check to see if what we are designing has already been patented and if those patents are already in place. They... Continue Reading →

Research, Patents and more Patents! By Susette Abad Cruz

This week our focus in class were patents. Now, you may be wondering what are patents? Well a patent is basically a property right. A patent gives the owner the right (for a limited time that is) to not let others sell their product. In order to patent an original creation it must be new,... Continue Reading →

SEAS Patent Research- Eliza Martin

The SEAS group quickly began patent research after conducting interviews this past week as the group was eager to begin work on understanding what technology is available on the market today or what technology has been patented. In order to research and understand the technology or designs that have been designed already, we conducted prior... Continue Reading →

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