Comfort4U, It Has Been Real: Deanna

The Comfort4U team presented our final product, and marketing strategies to the students at the Ann Richards School, at the Make-o-Rama fair. There were all these great products produced at this event, and this was the moment we can show off the hard work that we invested into our project. People’s reactions to our Make-o-Rama... Continue Reading →

Taking the Next Steps By Yuvia Ruiz

Greetings! This week has been great success personally I believe our group has accomplished and establish ground of what our next steps will be. Although we haven't exactly started our prototype do to material delays we seem to have everything under control. As the team leader I don't believe we should be stressing out and... Continue Reading →

Quail save us~ Zane T.

May the gods of quail and parentheses aid us! Our mission is almost complete, and presentation day is soon arriving. I don’t think we will ever be ready enough. We’re pretty much done with our power point, besides some touching up and rehearsing, but I just don’t feel up to it. We had a practice... Continue Reading →

Work in Progress……. By: Susette A.C.

Surprise!Comfort4U has changed it's design! During the "Imagine" stage of The Maker Space Process, what Comfort4U had in mind of creating was a chair from scratch. All of our deliverables, brainstorming ideas and energy has been centered around how to create a chair from scratch. Little did we know our final design proposal would change... Continue Reading →

What is still left to do? By Claudia V.

This week has been all about trying to finalize everything. Comfort4U has been really focusing on trying to complete everything that is necessarey in preparation for our final presentation that is coming up in about two weeks if not less. From working on our powerpoint presentation to making the finishing touches to the 3-D sketch... Continue Reading →

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