How Do You Make a Pillow Out of Popsicle Sticks?- Jordan Reed

Greetings, Jordan from Vertabend here. I know, that title sounds like the intro to a bad joke, but it's really what we had to deal with this week. As you may know, we have been working on our prototype since Tuesday. We ordered our materials a while back, and were hoping to make a full... Continue Reading →

All About Foam Shopping- Zabdi S.

Vertabend is now in the designing and making process of our innovated neck pillow idea. Currently, my engineering teammates are focusing on creating a 3D model of our neck pillow design. Zane and I are focusing on researching where we can get all of our materials. Our group has filled out order forms of every... Continue Reading →

Polyuwhat? (Karrie N)

Flexible Polyurethane Foam (FPF) is EVERYWHERE--inside cushions, mattresses, furniture, under our carpets, in packaging; you get the picture. The U.S. alone produces nearly 2 billion tons of polyurethane foam each year, according to the Polyurethane Foam Association publication InTouch. FPF is incredibly versatile and can be produced to have a mind-boggling variety of different properties.... Continue Reading →

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