I See Pital- Diamond P. //Leyla Z. //Yadira I.

Diamond P.//Leyla Z.//Yadira I.   I see our blog caught your eye, which is the function of your occipital lobe. Vision!!! Let us introduce ourselves and then we’ll get started. Our team consists of  Leyla, Diamond, and Yadira. We were assigned to research a part of the brain and we chose the Occipital lobe. Now... Continue Reading →

Give Us a Piece of Your Mind, Learn about the Occipital Lobe!- Krysta H, Keira N, Rinda G and Cindy M.

We are KKRC, otherwise known as Krysta, Kiera, Rinda and Cindy. We are in 3rd period Biomedical Innovations. This semester we are studying Traumatic Brain Injuries and all about the brain itself. Our assignment was to research about a section of the brain, and then blog about the function and effects of a TBI. We chose to research the Occipital Lobe and the... Continue Reading →

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