Stroke awareness: Courage, Faith, Hope and Strength – Taelor A.

After just reading the preface and the first chapter of Rigor Mortis I am truly offended that various scientists research and publish bad and   wrong science. It was extremely shocking to find out the even after proof from scientists like Begley many people ignored the proof and didn't shed light on the situation, but instead... Continue Reading →

Hello Abuelo: Ahna’s aspirations to care for the elderly and learn español

Hello, my name is Ahna S.. I became a part of the biomed pathway because I am interested in becoming a gerontologist as an adult. A gerontologist is a medical doctor who specializes in caring for the elderly. I have been interested in this specialty for a very long time because I LOVE old people... Continue Reading →

Hormones,Ovaries,Fertility Oh My -Bella T.

From the begging of civilization women have been perceived to have two jobs only those jobs were to 1: get married and 2: have children. Any women who couldn't perform said task was considered useless and unflattering by society. Before in the earlier centuries women were told that their infertility was an act of god... Continue Reading →

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