We Finally Start!- LBanda

After a few weeks of wanting to actually start working on our model, today we officially began cutting and measuring and sizing our group members. We haven't received all of our materials because some things take longer to arrive than others. Each class period we anxiously await to see if our teacher has a box... Continue Reading →

All About Neck Measurements- Zabdi Salazar

Vertabend is now at the prototyping stage. My team members Jordan and Karry have been working on a model of our neck support pillow, despite not having all of the materials we ordered. Zane and I, have been doing more biomedical research focused on how actual neck measurements are made to determine the dimensions of... Continue Reading →

Prototyping Predictions (Chloe CW)

This week was my first week back from visiting colleges and I had to catch up on group progress I missed last week. It was the first week I really got to work on improving our design after turning in and getting feedback on our design proposal. The product described in our proposal wasn’t detailed... Continue Reading →

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