KP 360 – Still working on it… Krysta H.

As of right now my group is a little bit of everywhere. It feels like there is so much that needs to get done and its hard to focus on everything at once. We've gathered information regarding materials, marketing, data test values, amongst other things. Right now a major thing that is driving me crazy is... Continue Reading →

Neon Shield Apparel Re-Design by Libertad E.

As the OCD Specialist for Neon Shields this past week or so after the SXSW Education Conference, when not filming for Adina (our Kickstarter Video Director) I have been dedicating my time to redesigning our Neon Shields Apparel. In my last blog post I discussed the importance of having shirts, its effective marketing, creates bonding... Continue Reading →

Neon Shields Apparel by Libertad E.

Many of our followers (yes, all two of you) know that Neon Shields is currently developing a multi purpose flashlight. Many of you know our flashlight by multiple names: “flashlight” and “insert name here”. As we have started marketing preparations it has come to our attention that an object named “Flashlight” is not exactly eye... Continue Reading →

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